Troubleshooting Thermostat Problems Keeps Your Temperature Settings in Check

 Troubleshooting Thermostat Problems Keeps Your Temperature Settings in Check


If your home’s central A/C or heating system is malfunctioning, or not working at all, you should determine whether your HVAC equipment or the thermostat is the problem. Generally, you should hope it’s a thermostat problem since that’s usually a less expensive fix than something in the cooling or heating system. Following are some common thermostat problems.

HVAC System Won’t Run

Check whether the HVAC system and thermostat are getting power. The problem could be a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. Flip the circuit switch to the equipment all the way off and then back on, and see if the system resumes operation. If the thermostat is powered by batteries, try replacing them and see if that works. Contact a trusted professional if these simple fixes don’t work.

Open the thermostat casing, and if it’s dirty take a small brush and clean it out. Over time, the thermostat’s workings can get coated in dust, which can interfere with its mechanical and electrical operations.

If the wiring is loose or disconnected, try reconnecting it (make sure the power is off before fiddling with anything electrical). Call a professional if you can’t address the wiring problem.

Thermostat and Room Temperatures Don’t Match

This is another situation where the thermostat might be dirty. If cleaning doesn’t do the trick, check to see whether the thermostat is level. If it’s not level, or has been otherwise incorrectly installed, it can offset settings and calibration.

Also, make sure the thermostat is located in a good spot. It should not be placed on a wall that receives direct sunlight or cool drafts. If it’s responding to atypical conditions, it won’t properly cool or heat other parts of the house.

Thermostat Shuts Down for No Reason, Or Won’t Shut Off

This is another situation where the thermostat may need cleaning. In a mechanical thermostat, there might be a malfunction in the anticipator, which could force a system shutdown for no apparent reason or keep it running even after the desired temperature has been reached.

If you can’t solve thermostat problems in your Houston area home, contact Airtron Heating & Air Conditioning.


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