Max Hengst
Max H.
21:33 04 Feb 20
I had an annual inspection of my two A/C units. Jorge M. was my technician. He was punctual and very professional. He communicated what he would be doing on both units, and he was very respectful to some questions I had. He even went out of his way to simplify getting into my attic access. I would highly recommend AirTron for your A/C and heating needs.
Dale McDaniel
Dale M.
12:54 10 Jan 20
Jorge showed up on time, ready to solve my problem. He examined my system, and quickly diagnosed the problem. He then fixed it to my complete satisfaction. Thank you Airtron, and Jorge.
Kai Zhang
Kai Z.
01:29 19 Dec 19
I had really good experience with Mr Calvin J. from Airtron. My furnace was having issue staying on after ignition. Calvin explained the problem identified after his diagnostics with great patience. Paid good attention to details and safety. Would definitely recommend.
Kevin Colesworthy
Kevin C.
00:39 21 Nov 19
Airtron Dallas' lack of care caused my widowed, elderly mother's ceiling to collapse due to a clogged drain pan. WHAT SAFETY SERVICE CHECK??? Then, rather than caring, Service Manager Richard Fulgham CANCELLED her Service Contract. His betrayal of a long term customer should make everyone avoid that company. Too bad I have to check a single Star to post this.
Angel T
Angel T
23:46 31 Oct 19
Alexander Juarez- Thank you for coming into our home and going above and beyond your call of duty to correct our AC/HEATING issues!!! - YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!!!We really appreciate the service and THANKS AGAIN!!
Micah Brake
Micah B.
20:23 22 Oct 19
Very displeased with my service from Airtron. While they did ultimately fix the problem, it was 3 weeks and multiple follow-up phone calls between the call-out to examine the problem and the actual repairman being sent. Then, when the quote was given for repair, the labor charge was $856. From start to finish, the repairman was in our house for a total of 40 minutes, which equates to >$1250 / hour for labor. I protested and was told that, unfortunately, each repair part / individual component had an associated fixed labor charge, regardless of whether it took 5 minutes or 5 hours to repair. They could not change the labor fee, as it was "fixed" in their system and there was nothing they could do. Highly displeased. Would not recommend. Go elsewhere where the "labor" is more transparent and reasonable and where follow-up and scheduling is more efficient.
Anthony Marzetta
Anthony M.
20:57 17 Oct 19
Jorge Moreno was an amazingly thorough and patient representative for AirTron. He took time to show and explain the issue with our capacitor and had us back up and running in no time! I commend his friendly service and being down to earth. It makes quite the impression when you receive such quality of service and makes me want to do business with AirTron for the foreseeable future.
Melissa Schanzer
Melissa S.
16:02 10 Oct 19
Pedro was a great technician! Very quick, made some minor fixes and explained everything. Definitely happy with this company!
Cameron Wright
Cameron W.
16:33 30 Sep 19
Used AirTron since 1993 but never again. Had a new three ton system installed May 2018. September 2019 coil went out. Should have had a five year warranty but AirTron did not file for the warranty and did not inform me that I needed to. Called the manufacturer and found out based on the equipment serial number that the system was manufactured in 2012. So AirTron sold me a six year old system that they said was brand new. $900 to replace the coil. New service company filed the warranty for the new coil.
Jeff Barfield
Jeff B.
13:18 12 Sep 19
Exceptional, prompt service. Professional and courteous Service Technicians. Well done.
John Paulette
John P.
14:24 23 Jul 19
We had an A/C emergency and Airtron sent out a Technician the same day in the evening. Our Technician was Carl Johnson. He was very professional and courteous. He promptly found the problem and check our complete A/C system to make sure that there were no other issues. I would highly recommend Airtron for your A/C service.
Tina Harris
Tina H.
16:41 27 Jun 19
Airtron provides great service from the initial scheduling to maintenance. I especially want to commend Jorge Moreno who provided our semi-annual service in May. Jorge's level of knowledge, attention to detail and communication of information was superb. He is a prime example of what the consumer expects from anyone providing customer service, and more than satisfactorily represented Airtron Heating and Air Conditioning.
Quang Nguyen
Quang N.
00:32 15 May 19
Calvin was my tech and he saved the day. He was patient and thorough as he explained what the issue was. He was very polite and cleaned up when he was done.He answered all my questions as best he could and was very transparent when answering, which is refreshing. Great asset to your team Airtron
Ninika Nnaji
Ninika N.
00:00 09 May 19
Mr. Calvin Jackson from Airtron was amazing. He came to our home during the designated time, quickly diagnosed the problem with our AC unit, and fixed it swiftly. Mr Calvin was friendly and knowledgeable. We will definitely use Airtron in the future.
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