DIY Air Conditioning and Heating System Maintenance


NOTE: While we offer these guides for heating & air conditioning systems, we highly recommend having a licensed professional perform all maintenance and installation functions.


Check indoor system ventilation
Check the outside of the system’s ventilation and combustion for debris or clogs. If any are noticed, contact us to set up an inspection or repair. DO NOT run your system until a professional has checked it and given approval.


Change furnace filter regularly
It is essential to change your furnace’s filter on a regular basis. A hatch opening on your furnace should be easy to locate. After it’s open, it is simply a matter of sliding out the old filter and placing a new one inside (or cleaning the old filter if it is reusable). If you aren’t certain or are not comfortable doing this, contact us to replace the filters. This is a standard function of the Essential Service maintenance plan.


Problem: My gas furnace is not heating my home.
Solution: The first thing to check is your thermostat. Is the temperature setting too low? If it is below the temperature of your home, your system will not turn on. If your programmable thermostat isn’t starting at the correct time, check to make sure it’s not the cause. Also check that your furnace’s pilot light is still ignited.


Problem: My gas furnace continually cycles and doesn’t seem to produce much heat.
Solution: The most likely culprit here is a clogged filter. Follow the steps above to replace your filter. Other problems may be located in your blower or burners. Have a professional inspect them if replacing your filter does not work.


Problem: My electric heat pump continuously cycles.
Solution: The first thing you should check is whether your system’s filter is clogged. It could also be caused by a malfunctioning blower. If neither of these are the problem, have a professional check your outdoor coil. An obstruction or build-up of material may cause your system to cycle repeatedly.

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