Galena Park is a city in Harris County, Texas, within the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown metro area. The area now known as Galena Park actually began as a settlement of Clinton, back in 1835. While it originally served as a ranching and farming community, in the 1880s it transformed into a railroad hub, along the new Port of Houston. The area once again evolved in the early 1900s with the introduction of petrochemicals, transforming Clinton into a refinery center.

It wasn’t until Clinton attempted to establish its own post office in 1935 that the existence of another Clinton, Texas was discovered. As a result, the settlement changed its name to Galena Park, named after the Galena Signal Oil Company of Texas, the company responsible for building the area’s first refinery. The population of Galena Park expanded in the 1930s, thanks to Houston growing influence as a port city. Galena Park’s economy took a hit in the 1980s when cranes used to move shipping cargo were reduced, and again after the September 11th attacks when heightened security around ports prevented sailors from leaving docked ships.

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