League City is a city located in Galveston and Harris counties, within the Houston-Galveston metro area. The city was settled at the former site of a Karankawa Indian village by three “founding families”: The Butlers, the Cowarts and the Perkins family. The first resident, George W. Butler arrived in 1873, settling at the junction of Clear Creek and Chigger Bayou. At the time, the area was known as Butler’s Ranch or Clear Creek, that is until J.C. League acquired the land from a man named Muldoon, upon his entering the priesthood. League laid the town out along the Galveston, Houston and Henderson Railroad, which had already been established. The town changed names several times afterwards, alternating between Clear Creek and League City, with the latter winning out in the end. Today, League City is home to several popular waterside resorts, popular destinations with nearby Houston residents.

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