Manvel, Texas is a city located in Brazoria County. The area was first settled in the early 1800s by a young couple, William Rufus and Elizabeth Tursey Rawls Booth. Located about twenty miles south of Houston, the settlement first went by the name of “Pomona,” later taking the name Manvel after residents learned that there was already a Pomona, Texas. The name Manvel actually comes from Allen Manvel – then president of the Santa Fe Railroad – which in the late 1800s extended into the city of Manvel as part of the Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad line. The surrounding area was prime agricultural real estate, due to its prairie/grassland landscape, not to mention timber, shade, plenty of fertile soil. Manvel’s picturesque location at the head of the Chocolate Bayou turned out to be quite the draw for new settlers, as was the abundance of wild game for hunting.

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