Sugar Land, Texas is a city located within the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown metro area and is part of Fort Bend County. Nathaniel Williams purchased the land where Sugar Land now sits back in 1838, building a plantation on the site with his brother Samuel. Settling on the name “Oakton Plantation,” because of an abundance of Oak trees, the Williams brothers grew cotton, corn and sugarcane. In 1853, the Oakland Plantation was sold by the Williams family to William J. Kyle and Benjamin Terry, and then to Colonel E. H. Cunningham following their subsequent deaths. Cunningham would later build a sugar refining plant on the land in 1879, developing the town around it.

In 1908, the Cunningham Plantation was acquired by Isaac Kempner, in partnership with William T. Eldridge – owners of the neighboring Ellis Plantation, leading to the creation of the Imperial Sugar Company. At the turn of the century, after much of the area’s sugarcane crops were destroyed by a harsh winter, Eldridge moved to the site where he served as general manager and focused on building the company-owned town of Sugar Land, which offered workers housing, schooling for their children, a hospital and a variety of businesses. Sugar Land remained a self-contained company town from the early 1900s all the way through 1959 when it became incorporated.

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